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when everyone is doing the bag meme and you don't carry a purse.

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Just to remind anyone who cares, I've started up a community for the movie/book Mysterious Skin, here on lj, located at: http://istayincontrol.livejournal.com/

I just would like more posting there because I'm really the only one who's posted anything and it makes me feel like a massive, showoff-y tool (even though I'm not trying to be). ^^; You can post crossovers with Inception if you want, crossovers with other movies. I don't care, as long as it's relevant.

In other news, I haven't done shit today. missionaccomplished
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I bit the bullet and made a community for Mysterious Skin. Come join me at http://istayincontrol.livejournal.com/ and help me out because I'm such a n00b at livejournal communities.

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Is there a community around lj for Mysterious Skin? I've yet to find one... If I was to make one, would anyone be interested in joining?

Or... does anyone even know how to make a community?

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'Cause I don't.

I know the Mysterious Skin fandom's already pretty small anyways... Maybe a comm would be complete fail sauce... but damn it, I want to see more fic and some art, because I don't feel like I've seen any Mysterious Skin fanart.

I feel like this gif is inappropriate, given the source material of Mysterious Skin...


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