Nov. 15th, 2011 12:02 pm
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Can I just take a minute to moan and groan? You guys don't have to read this. I just need to rant for a bit.

Basically, I feel like everything in my life has been royally sucking lately. I hate to complain about anything, mostly because I generally don't like listening to other people complain unless they have a good reason (people in my age group usually don't), but life has just been screwing me over again and again, and I just need to get it out, you know?

It started out that, DURING MID-TERMS WEEK, I got fired from my job of four years because the new manager doesn't like me. After that, I fainted in my bathroom. After that, I found out that my grandmother died-- that's a really complicated story, and basically I didn't really know how to feel about it, but my mom was hurting so I was hurting for her at least. Things calmed down slightly except for the fact that I've yet to find another job because no one is really hiring right now. I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend of five years because he was trying to pressure me into sex (and he's still living in my house, and whether he's doing it consciously or not he's been trying to make me feel bad about breaking up with him). My mom had to go get cat-scans done and I still don't know the results of those. I forgot the words to a song during a singing competition and felt utterly humiliated... and this morning I got a speeding ticket because my speedometer is broken, and I didn't know I was going so fast. If I had a job, it'd be one thing, but now I'm not sure I'm going to be able to pay it, and it's really frustrating me. I still owe money to my accompanist for playing for me in the competition I totally fucked up in, and I don't know where all this money's gonna fucking come from... I still have to buy fucking Christmas presents!


I just...

I need something good to happen. I can't keep taking all of this stuff on. If this kind of stuff keeps up I'm going to break.

Commissions for fic or art are open again.

Comment or message me if you're interested. I really need the money.
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EDIT: OH MY GOD THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH ALREADY. YOU'RE SO WONDERFUL AND GENEROUS!!! I do need to know who Erin and Madeline are though. Tell me what you guys would like me to write and draw for you! Get in touch with me! :)

My family has come into so money troubles, and even though I tell them I want to help they try to tell me not to... So, I'm going to help anyway.

I'm gonna put a paypal button down here on this journal, and I ask you to donate a little, just a little if you can.

Now, I'm not asking you to do it for nothing. In fact, anyone who donates anything will get FIC. Anything you want (provided it's a one-shot-- or a few chapters depending on how much is donated). On top of that, anyone who donates ten or more dollars will get a FREE FULL COLOR ILLUSTRATION.

Of course, this stuff'll take some time, but I do my best to stick by my word and you can badger the crap out of me until it's done.

I'm not even telling you my squicks here. I will literally write whatever you want. For this I am completely shameless. I am also easily bought. Really, make it as porntastic as you want harr.

And honestly, I really hate having to do this for you guys, but if you can help out at all, I'd really, really appreciate it.

I'll keep this going until September 30th, and then I'll try and have your fic and art out as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for even reading, you guys. It means a lot.
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party gif Pictures, Images and Photos

party gif Pictures, Images and Photos

party gif Pictures, Images and Photos

actually instead of partying, I'll more likely write depressing fic considering I'm already ten pages in on a long one shot
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This is completely pointless to say, but this song TOTALLY fits with Arthur and his brother Owen from my story Quiet In My Town.

If it was a movie, this would be playing during the big confrontation scene near the end, or probably on the credits, or hell, through the whole imaginary not ever happening movie.
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Lol, what? I'm 21 on Saturday? Wow, that sneaked up on me.



gifts for me y/y? lol
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idgaf gif Pictures, Images and Photos

i need to go to sleep
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I feel like I'm the only one online, and it makes me feel like an obsessed freak... the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem nana

So... yeah... It's like lj is just dead you know? I have no fic to read. D: I also feel like I'm the only one posting on [profile] harlequincepted's Love Fest. There are prompts there but very few people fill them, and it makes me sad, so I go and fill what I can. More people should participate in the Love Fest.

Also, holy shit the Spring Awakening soundtrack is amazing. It's one of the best things... omg... no words. It's just awesome.

Yeah... so... I guess I'll go back to saving pictures of JGL to my computer (I'm up to 87).


May. 8th, 2011 11:07 pm
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I keep trying to podfic, but I keep messing up! D:

I fail at reading my own freaking words.
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I'm so disappointed.

I was so close to getting to meet him. My dad got to meet one of the trumpet players in his band and took him a copy of the drawing I made for him with a note, hoping to get some kind of response, but... well, nothing happened. I'm so sad.

I'm going to sound really cheesy right now, and really dumb, but a lot of people don't understand just what Jason Mraz means to me. His music has helped me get through some really, really tough times, and I just wanted so badly to thank him for existing, for putting a little light in my darkness even when he didn't know he was doing it. When I'm down and out, I can listen to his music and it reminds me that things are going to turn out okay. That's power, right there.

So, yeah, I'm really disappointed because I've been so close and let down twice. I mean, I can hold a little solace in the fact that he knows I exist, but I really wanted to just talk to him. I'm not some creepy stalker or anything. I just wanted him to know my story and know just how much I appreciated everything that he does. He's not just a wonderful musician, but he's also a wonderful person, and I just wish I could tell him.

That was really all I wanted.

...So, I'm SAD. Somebody cheer me up. D:


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