Aug. 22nd, 2011

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Starting my first semester of effing senior year of college. WAT. HOW AM I ALREADY HERE.

I've got some free time right now though, so I'm working on the next chapter of Pretend (yay! I'm so slow on it), but you can't expect just a whole bunch of fic coming out of me for a while. I might be posting some original stuff since I have a creative writing class this semester (LOL NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR ORIGINAL STUFF NANA), and I'll still be writing fic, but it'll just take a bit more time (as if I could be taking any longer with Pretend).

So, yeah. Just letting you guys know all that. I've got some things in the works. We'll see how fast they get here.
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Title: Pretend That You're Alone (9/?)
Author: osaki_nana_707
Word count: 4,637
Pairings/Characters: ArthurxEames, Yusuf
Rating: R(this part)
Warnings: language, underage, age difference (16/32), mentions of non-con
Summary: AU. Eames is a burned out university professor who goes to the park for lunch to get away from the chaos of his life. There he meets 16-year-old Arthur and begins to befriend him for his ability to have an intelligent conversation with him. When he discovers the boy is homeless, he decides to take care of him, but things with Arthur get more complicated than he could ever expect.

I've gotten some complaints. )


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