Jun. 28th, 2011

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Title: I've Got a Rock n' Roll Life (16/16)
Author: osaki_nana_707
Word count: 2,891
Pairings/Characters: ArthurxEames, mention of YusufxAriadne
Rating: NC-17(this part)
Warnings: language, smut, alcohol use, dub-con, Arthur being an asshole, leather pants, un-betaed
Summary: AU. Arthur is a concert violinist at a prestigious arts college. His best (and only) friend Ariadne convinces him to come with her to a rock concert, aka his worst nightmare. He does seem to be quite taken with the charismatic lead guitarist though... or rather, the guitarist seems to be quite taken by him.

Bonus Track: Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy )


Yeah, the epilogue isn't really important to the plot. Technically you can stop after chapter 15, but I figured I'd throw in this little gem because I love you all so much, and I show it with angst followed by massive amounts of fluff. Also, I couldn't help but let my undying love for Queen sneak its way in here as well.

So yeah, I probably would have had this done sooner, but I kept getting distracted by things, particularly the fact that paisleydreaming was reading this fic and actually liveblogging it as she did. How cool is that? I don't actually have a tumblr, so I just thanked her with a signed comment in her askbox, and people got all excited about me saying so... and I was all "AM I FAMOUS ON TUMBLR?!?!?!?!" Well, the answer is decidedly no, but it was still cool to feel so popular for a second or two. This story has done a whole lot for me actually. It's not only the longest fanfic I've written for the Inception fandom (unless you count Bite Hard and GUP together, but technically they are separate), and it's done way, way better than I could have possibly expected. To be honest, when I started it, I was hoping to write something comedic and light-hearted, but of course the angst fairy waved her magic wand and made this terribly dramatic. Go figure. Still, I'm happy with how it turned out, and I really appreciate the massive amounts of love and support I've gotten for this fic. I really hope to keep pleasing you guys with more fic (and trust me, I've got some ideas, including another AU I bet many of you can get excited about).

So yeah, this epilogue's for all of you lovely, wonderful fans. I wouldn't be writing all of this without you guys. ILU.
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...and I'll try to write you a drabble if I can. I'm trying to get the juices flowing so I can get on some new fic for you guys.

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This is completely pointless to say, but this song TOTALLY fits with Arthur and his brother Owen from my story Quiet In My Town.

If it was a movie, this would be playing during the big confrontation scene near the end, or probably on the credits, or hell, through the whole imaginary not ever happening movie.


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